Glass Mariposa Grove Tray

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6x10 inch tray and features the awe-inspiring illustration "Sequoia Wellingtonia, Mariposa Grove," from Pinetum Britannicum, 1884. A later volume of the text also included a lithograph of "Sequoia Wellingtonia" by W. H. Schenck. The image featured a tree in the Mariposa Big Tree Grove with a group of figures around a campfire. Wellingtonia remained its popular name until the American John T. Buchholz described it as "Sequoiadendron" in 1939.

In the potichomania process, the glass acts as both a foundation and protective finish, saving the step of varnishing. The original intent was to recreate Greek and Etruscan vases by simulating rare and expensive Sevrés porcelain.