Raw Ethiopian Opal

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Ethiopian Opal is the newest variety of precious opal gemstone resourced from the Wollo Province of northern Ethiopia. The beautiful opals from Ethiopia show amazing play-of-color in varied body color and patterns. Hold this stone up to the light and be wowed by it’s amazing range of color. It’s literally a rainbow hiding in a gem. 

First rediscovered by modern times in the 1990s, these opals are found in the steep volcanic cliffs that border the Great Rift Valley. While this boom for these opals is somewhat new, archeology shows that opals may have played a part in East African trade as early as 4000 B.C. 

All minerals and stones vary in size and shape. You will receive a high quality specimen of the selected item but not the exact one pictured. All minerals, gems, stones and fossils are guaranteed to be top quality; sourced from ethical vendors around the world.