Tash de Valois

Tash de Valois + Paxton Gate

We count ourselves to be extremely lucky to have such talented and passionate individuals working on staff for us. Paxton Gate has always been a safe haven for the creative souls of the Bay Area and amongst them, Tash de Valois is a brilliant stand out. A few weeks ago, Tash did a photoshoot that included a selection of jewelry we carry and to put it simply, the results are stunning. 

Here’s a bit about Tash: 

Tash de Valois is an LA born, and now Oakland resident. In high school, she inherited a camera, and it inspired a brief interest in film photography before it tragically broke. It wasn’t until she graduated from college years later, that she was able to purchase another camera. This time, her passion for photography was able to blossom, and she sought to capture all of her friends and local music scene on film. Tash’s inspiration in her photography is derived from cinema, particularly the horror genre, and love of music. She enjoys incorporating dark elements while simultaneously capturing its beauty.

To follow Tash on her future endeavors, click here