Black Friday Details

It's here! Everyone's favorite made up retail holiday has finally arrived! Considering it's almost expected for everyone to do a sale, we figured we would follow the herd just this once. Plus, it's a nice way to give back to our customers for being so rad and it helps everyone get a jump on holiday shopping. Seriously though. Last minute shopping is the worst and all of the good stuff has already been picked up. So, lets get down to the details. 

  • 15% off sitewide sale. This includes everything except for workshops, gift cards and subscription services. The discount will be applied automatically to your cart
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $75 or more. Your subtotal must reach $100 dollars for this to apply. Free option appears in the shipping section for all orders over $75
  • Discounts only apply online. Physical stores will not be running this sale. You will not be able to receive the discount at any of our retail locations. 

That should cover everything but if you run across questions, please feel free to us the "contact us" button located in the bottom right of the screen. 

Thank you again for being our fans, loyal customers and over all groovy people. 

Happy holidays and happy shopping!