Wadjet Carnelian Pyramid Ring

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This handmade ring features a carnelian pyramid center stone. Around the band are a variety of Egyptian hieroglyphs in honor of Wadjet, who was said to be the nurse of the infant god Horus. Hieroglyphs include the Eye of Ra, ankh, and star and crescent.

  • This ring is a size 5.5 and can not be resized.
  • Made from .925 sterling silver
  • As with all handmade and one-of-a-kind jewelry, utmost care should be taken to keep jewelry clean and dry. Never wear your pieces while bathing, swimming, or washing dishes to avoid having them submerged in water. Metals can tarnish and lose their patinas more quickly if they get wet or washed with chemicals frequently. Treat your jewelry like the unique piece of art that it is and it will remain in good condition for ages.