Taxidermy Mouse With Coffee Cup

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The best part of waking up...

About the Artist

"Brooklyn Taxidermy is a Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based taxidermy and entomology art studio owned and operated by Amber Maykut and staff. Amber trained at Anderson's Whitetail Taxidermy School near Rochester, New York, under Bill Anderson in 2012. In NYC, John Youngaitis of Cypress Hills Taxidermy in Queens, NY, has been a mentor of sorts. At the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Amber interned in the special exhibitions/fabrication department and studied the art of the diorama under Tom Doncourt. At Buckshot Taxidermy in Sussex, NJ, she became certified in bird and mammal taxidermy after completing training and apprenticeship under award-winning taxidermist, Mark Van Leuven, and continues working at his shop."