Zombie Taxidery Mouse by Le Heart Design

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"After 20 years in video games, I started doing mouse taxidermy in 2014 as an outlet to my newly discovered passion for leather craft. It allows me to continue designing characters, except I have to figure out how to make everything for real, instead of on the computer. It quickly evolved into full-on steam punk style instead, when I came upon a lot of really thin, bone-white leather that I could dye and use to sew tiny clothes. I make absolutely everything by hand: I do leather work, metal work, wood work, I sew and weld and glue, I use epoxy, polyurethane, silicone and polymer clay. I draw and paint and sculpt, whatever is needed for the design. I LOVE making my mice, and I love hearing people squeal in delight when they see them for the first time! A lot of people are curious, sometimes concerned, about the origin of the mice. I buy frozen feeder mice online, from layne labs. Once I'm done, I donate the bodies to The Wild Care Center in San Rafael, where they will be fed to rescued predators like raptor birds and small mammals. They end up as food, as intended, and nothing goes to waste. Each mouse you buy is a meal donation for a rescued animal. " -Lea Mai Nguyen