Rose + Water Anti Acne Oil

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Rose water is so underrated. Apart from its use as a toner, most people do not realize the potential of this ingredient as a beauty ingredient. From helping balance your skin’s pH levels, to calming irritation and removing makeup, rose water does it all. But I bet you didn’t know that rose water also offers benefits that help tackle acne. 

Rose water has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that make it an efficient anti-acne ingredient. Not only does the water help kill off acne-causing bacteria but it also helps heal your scars and clear out your skin. The ingredient, unlike most topical treatments for acne, is extremely gentle on your skin. In fact, it does not cause any irritation even when used on sensitive skin. In addition to this, rose water has a cooling effect that helps soothe redness and aggravated skin. It also helps unclog your pores, controls oil production, as well as reduces the size of your pores, preventing future breakouts.
*certified organic

How to use: Using clean fingertips, dab a few drops into acne-prone zones. Can be layered with a moisturizing face oil. Avoid direct contacts with eyes.

Storage & Expiration: Active for at least 42 months after opening. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place to maximize its freshness and potency.