Long Tailed Taxidermy Rooster

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With 25 billion chickens in the world, there are more of them than any other bird species. The chicken, Gallus gallus domesticus, is a domestic subspecies of the red jungle fowl, a member of the pheasant family that is native to Asia. Genetic studies have found that the grey jungle fowl also contributed to the chicken's evolution. It's also the closest living relative to the great Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

Ethical sourcing is our number one priority. All of our taxidermy, skulls, bones, sea life and other natural science specimens have met our rigorous standards. See our "about us" section for more information or contact us with specific question.

Each piece of taxidermy varies in size and weight, and as such the shipping price provided at checkout is only an estimate. Should the price be higher than this estimate, we will contact you after the purchase to arrange shipping. If there is an increase in shipping rate at that time, the buyer may cancel the sale and incur no charge.