Resurrection Plant

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Looking for an easy to grow plant that requires little water? Resurrection plants are for you! These plants can survive several years without water by drying up and going dormant, and "come back to life" within a couple of hours of being watered. 

This amazing feat (which led to their common name) is actually a survival mechanism developed by resurrection plants (Selaginella lepidophylla) in the harsh conditions of their native habitat, the Chihuahuan Desert. In the desert when water is scarce, resurrection plants begin to dry out and curl their fronds inwards into a ball shape. Once dried, the dormant plants ‘travel’ around the desert as tumbleweeds until they find water. Once exposed to moisture again, resurrection plants "rehydrate" and unfurl their gorgeous, fern-like fronds. 

Although resurrection plants are native to desert conditions, they adapt well to growing indoors.