Muntjac Taxidermy Mount

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Muntjacs, also known as 'barking deer', are the oldest known deer and the least studied. They are thought to have begun appearing 15-35 million years ago. The present-day species are native to South Asia, and were introduced into England in the early 20th century. Males tend to use their tusks (downward-pointing canine teeth) for territorial fighting. The Indian muntjac has the lowest recorded amount of chromosomes of any mammal, whose males have only seven chromosomes, and its females only six.

Approximate Dimensions: 14"x12"x18.5"

This is a unique, one of a kind, Taxidermy specimen. . Once this item is sold, we do not anticipate acquiring another mount of this nature in the foreseeable future. All Paxton Gate Taxidermy is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and sourced from ethical vendors from around the world.

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