Mood Moss

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Mood moss is a great vivarium plant to have in an enclosure with or without animals. As an acrocarp, this moss works well as an accent plant placed around the base of hardscapes and taller canopy plants. Mood moss is safe for pets but one I’d consider as an intermediate level moss to care for. This moss is an awesome plant for a hobbyist who enjoys responsive plants, Mostly because of its unique way of expressing itself when it’s not in ideal conditions.

Mood moss has very uniquely curved leaves that are generally curved to one side. This plant grows to be about 3 to 4 inches thick and has a very coarse, almost wool-like feel to it. It’s top visible layer will range in color, from yellowish-green to dark green depending on its health. The inner clump is made up of dark brown stems and its bottom layer has rhizoids to absorb nutrients instead of a rooting system.