Marmot Skull

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Marmots are the jerks that either give us a reprieve from the long winters months or add on a few weeks for good measure. Also known as woodchucks or groundhogs, these ground-dwelling rodents are members of the squirrel family. While their weather predicting folk-lore magic is helpful, Marmots have a few concrete traits that make them truly amazing creatures. For starters, Marmots use lookouts to watch for predators just outside of their burrows. When a predator is spotted, the lookout whistles loudly alerting the others to the danger. Once a predator has been spotted, a Marmot will use one of the many escape tunnels it has built within its burrow to find safety. During the summer, marmots gain weight in order to prepare for hibernation. They usually hibernate all winter and may lose as much as half their body weight by February. No wonder it's in no rush for the summer season. It's hasn't even started to work on it's "beach body".


Height: 1.25 inches

Length: 3.5 inches

Width: 2.25 inches

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