Double Glass Framed Lamprima Adolphinae Beetle

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The Lamprima Adolphinae is a species of stag beetle in the Lucanidae family that can be found in Indonesia, New Guinea and Papua with huge saw-like jaws. Despite their very aggressive appearance, these shimmering green beetles are not carnivorous. They enjoy sucking down tree sap and rotten fruit through a specialized mouth perfect for enjoying their liquid diet. But don’t let their vegetarian diet fool you. Males will often put those huge jaws to work battling each other for food, mating and territory. So as long as you aren't trying to steal some rotten bananas from them to chow down on, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Interestingly enough, it’s believed that their shiny metallic bodies are actually for hiding from predators. In the damp forests and jungles that they call their home, droplets of water often accumulate on the surfaces of leaves and branches and pool on the ground. Their bodies confuse predators by reflecting light back at them like light reflecting off the surface of water. This makes it hard for predators to distinguish their next meal vs water left over from an afternoon shower. One thing is for sure, no one will miss this beautiful specimen hanging from your wall

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