Jackalope Head Mount Taxidermy

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The Jackalope once roamed the plains of the South and Southwest in vast herds that grazed on the natural grasses that grew there. Their antlers, originally used in ceremonial battles for territory and breeding rights, later proved a vital asset when battling buffaloes for shrinking grasslands. When forced into smaller and smaller regions, the Jackalopes became desperate for food and would lay waste to entire farms, ranches, and the occasional saloon (Jackalopes are fervent heavy drinkers). Nearly driven to extinction, these specimens are the result of an aggressive reintroduction program. The Jackalopes are raised on farms where one in three is sold in the form of a proud taxidermy mount. The proceeds go towards the purchase of land to be set aside thereby creating the largest Jackalope reserve in the world. The remaining two-thirds are raised in captivity and released when they are able to fend for themselves. No taxidermy collection is complete without one.