Double Glass Framed Spread Idolomantis Diabolica

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The Idolomantis Diabolica, commonly known as the Devil’s Flower Mantis, is one of the largest species of praying mantis. It is possibly the largest of the mantis that mimic flowers. Don’t let the beauty of this specimen blind you to the fact that it is one of the natural world's most accomplished hunters and ruthless lovers. In the presence of prey, the idolomantis diabolica will remain completely still to imitate the look of a flower. Once the prey has been seduced by it’s tricky and is within striking range, the mantis will strike with lightning fast precision. Grasping it’s meal with it’s tibia, it will then decapitate it’s prey to make things a little easier to handle. The fun doesn’t stop there with these little nightmares. The Female mantis is significantly larger than its male counterpart and she isn’t afraid to show her dominance in some very aggressive ways. While a pair of love struck mantis mate, the female adopts predatory instincts which often conclude with the her devouring the head of the male. Needless to say that long term committed relationships rarely work out in the mantis world.

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