Human Fetus With Diaphanized Skeleton

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Definitely one of the more intriguing pieces we've ever had. It was brought to our attention by the daughter of a former MD where he used it as a teaching tool for many years in his field. After he passed, she thought it was a shame for it to sit idle and brought it to us where it’s looked after and prominently displayed for our curious customers.

To clarify, this fetus was still born and donated for further study. If you have further questions, please contact us directly.

A bit about the diaphonizing process:
The process of diaphonization has also been known as "clearing and staining." The specimens are rendered transparent (the "clearing") by bathing in a soup of trypsin, a digestive enzyme that slowly breaks down their flesh. They also soak in several batches of bone, muscle, or cartilage dyes (the "staining"), with alizarin red and alcian blue the most commonly used. The result is a visually striking display of anatomy