Double glass framed Papilio Antenor Butterfly

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The Malayan Jungle Nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata) is the heaviest stick insect in the world, with females weighing around 65 grams. While the name nymph might conjure images of a beautiful, loving forest creature, the heteropteryx dilatata can really bring meaning to the song "every rose has it's thorn. When threatened, the female will lift her abdomen into the air, positioning herself into a handstand position with her two back legs splayed from side to side. Those legs are armored with thick, sharp spikes that she uses to fend off predators. If anything approaches her, she will make a loud rustling noise with her tiny, underdeveloped wings (only males have fully functioning wings) to alert the predator that a spiny attack is coming. Then, if the predator refuses to leave, she will quickly snap her spiked legs onto the offender. Often times, this can draw blood.

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