Haws Galvanized Tin indoor Watering Can

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Made from Galvanized Tin

Over the last 125-year the Haws name has become known as the makers of the finest watering cans used throughout the world. John Haws began making watering cans in 1886 in England and that tradition still continues today. Gardeners know that a Haws watering can is the best whether it's made in metal or plastic. This can is made of galvanized steel with a tough powder-coated finish. The two handles ensure the can is perfectly balanced no matter what the water level is inside the can. The curved spout is tapered to ensure that the water is directed to where it is needed and at a gentle rate so that the soil does not wash out. The spout is fitted with a brass rose, which can be removed for the more accurate watering of indoor pots and planters. This can is gift boxed and has become an extremely popular gift item.