Goat Horn Pair

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Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans and were being herded 9,000 years ago. Goats do not actually eat tin cans or garbage. It is thought this rumor came about as goats may have been frequently seen eating labels off of cans to get at the tasty glue (all of us can relate to that right?). The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Cephranes was buried with more than 2,000 goats. He really liked goats.

Ethical sourcing is our number one priority. All of our taxidermy, skulls, bones, sea life and other natural science specimens have met our rigorous standards. See our "about us" section for more information or contact us with specific question.

All skulls and bones vary slightly in size and shape. You will receive a high quality specimen of the selected item but not the exact one pictured.