Fossilized Wolf Skull

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Sharing the world with giants like the woolly mammoth, sabre tooth tiger and it's larger cousin the dire wolf, the grey wolf is a unexpected master survival. Unlike the Dire wolf (Canis dirus), the Gray wolf (Canis lupus) successfully managed to survive the last Ice Age and is still with us today in parts of the world. The Gray wolves and coyotes of the last Ice Age were probably very similar in look and behavior to their modern relatives. First emerging in Eurasia about 1 million years ago, Canis lupus thrived to become one of the most widely distributed mammals by the end of the Pleistocene. This wolf is a highly mobile predator with a complex social structure and learned to adapt to a wide variety of environments including evergreen forests, frozen tundra and arid deserts. It preys primarily upon large ungulates (deer, elk, moose), but will kill much smaller game if opportunity presents itself, as well as scavenge a carcass if need be.

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