The Curious World of Seaweed

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“A mesmerizing swim through a liminal world.” - Barbara Kiser, Nature

“Seaweed is literally the roots of our ocean. For three generations, our family has thought about how to make a quality documentary about the importance of seaweed in the ocean ecosystem. We could never translate it to film. But Josie Iselin, with a remarkable mixture of photos and writing in The Curious World of Seaweed and her prior book, An Ocean Garden, has hit the mark. Scholarly but fascinating, she reveals the forests that maintain our ocean. She can take a bow from me and our legacy for an important work well done.” - Fabien Cousteau, ocean explorer, documentary filmmaker and eldest grandson of Jacques Cousteau

“Who knew seaweed portraiture could probe the deepest mysteries of existence? Josie Iselin’s wonderful new book explores a world just below the surface. One wonder is that seaweed performs such a vital role in the ecosystem, literally helping power life on Earth. Another wonder is its shape-shifting colors and crazy symmetries, which Iselin’s singular photography pops to life. Her text puts seaweed in a historical framework full of surprising stories. The result is an adventure through art, science, and pure pleasure.”

-Mary Ellen Hannibal, author of Citizen Scientist