Crystal Cache Treasure Box

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Sparkling with such beauty, the night sky will turn green with envy at what awaits you within. Like glittering stars tucked away in a hidden vault, our Crystal Cache Treasure Box is packed to the brim with shimmering prizes. Fan favorites, hand-picked by our knowledgeable staff, this trove of crystal wonders is sure to please. If you’ve ever wanted to make a dwarf from Middle-Earth jealous with your collection of shiny stones pulled from the earth, this is your chance. From rough cut rose quartz to tumbled bumble bee jasper, there’s no telling what subterranean treasure is inside. This is the perfect gift for the crystal lover in your life or to fill out your own collection of glittering beauties.  

The best part is everything in the box is discounted 10% off. You're getting a deal AND an instant collection of crystals and minerals.

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