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Unisex Cotton Crustacean Elasmosaur T-shirt

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This long-necked fish eating fiend is one the most iconic prehistoric marine reptiles around, and a personal favorite of mine since childhood. Most people would recognize this animal as the more generic term, plesiosaur. Some people would just recognize him as the "Lochness Monster."
Elasmosaur is a genus of plesiosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous period about 80 million years ago. This guy was almost 50 feet long, making him the largest of all plesiosaurs. While he distinctly had lots and lots of teeth it is the number of vertebrae that makes him stand out in the crowd having the most vertebrae of any known animal- enough to make any giraffe jealous.
These American Apparel T-shirts are made in the USA and are 100% combed cotton. These super soft unisex shirts follow standard Men's sizing.
Cotton Crustacean is a family owned, pop-up paleontology shop and biology boutique based out of Pacifica, CA (Bay Area); featuring original scientific illustrations of bizarre prehistoric marine-life, drawn by Aaron John Gregory, and screen-printed in Oakland on the highest quality, super soft, premium fit t-shirts made by WRAP certified (Worldwide Accredited Responsible Production) brands like Next Level Apparel and USA made American Apparel.

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