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Unisex Cotton Crustacean Anomalocaris T-shirt

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Before grizzly bears and African lions, before sabertooth tigers and dire wolves, before T-Rex and Velociraptors, and even before sharks roamed the enormous, Earth encompassing, Panthalassa ocean - there was the grandaddy of all apex predators - the Anomalocaris. He was the very first king to take the throne at the top of the food chain, and stalked the seas when nothing lived on land, about a half a billion years ago during the Cambrian period.
This 4 - 6 foot long super shrimp, dwarfed every other animal on the planet. He had barbed, arm like appendages that shot out from in front of his tooth filled, square shaped mouth, that made short work of Trilobites left and right. But, his real secret weapon was still very new to the animal world - the Anomalocaris had eyes, and big ones at that. Each eye contained well over 15,000 lens, such as modern insects do, which helped it zero in on prey items along ancient sea floors, and in the water column in an almost 360 degree circumference around him. In fact, it is believed that the eye sight of Anomalocaris rivals most anything seen since.
American Apparel T-shirts are made in the USA and are 100% combed cotton. These super soft unisex shirts follow standard Men's sizing.
Cotton Crustacean is a family owned, pop-up paleontology shop and biology boutique based out of Pacifica, CA (Bay Area); featuring original scientific illustrations of bizarre prehistoric marine-life, drawn by Aaron John Gregory, and screen-printed in Oakland on the highest quality, super soft, premium fit t-shirts made by WRAP certified (Worldwide Accredited Responsible Production) brands like Next Level Apparel and USA made American Apparel.

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