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Steenbok taxidermy pedestal mount

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Steenbok are petite antelope, with long legs and an upright stance. The coat is a light golden-brown color, although there is some variation among individuals with some being quite reddish and others more gray. Steenbok tend to be most active during the day, although when temperatures peak at midday they may seek refuge in shade. This species appears to live in monogamous pairs which share a territory some 4-100 hectares in size - however, the two animals are usually found apart and only come together to breed. The territory is marked by both sexes by using dung heaps. That's one way to let your roommate know "this side of the house is mine!" Maybe just try a sticky note first.
This is a unique, one of a kind, Taxidermy specimen. . Once this item is sold, we do not anticipate acquiring another mount of this nature in the foreseeable future. All Paxton Gate Taxidermy is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and sourced from ethical vendors from around the world.
Each piece of taxidermy varies in size and weight, and as such the shipping price provided at checkout is only an estimate. Should the price be higher than this estimate, we will contact you after the purchase to arrange shipping. If there is an increase in shipping rate at that time, the buyer may cancel the sale and incur no charge.

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