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American Mink Skull

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Mink is a mammal that belongs to the family of weasels. They like to live in areas near rivers, ponds, lakes, swamps and marshes, especially if they are rich in dense vegetation. Most minks are loners and typically only come together to breed. They are crepuscular, which means they are most active during the dawn and dusk hours, spending their time marking their territory and looking for prey. Pretty much the edge lords of the weasel family. 
Height: 1 inche
Length: 2.25 inches
Width: 1.25 inches
Ethical sourcing is our number one priority. All of our taxidermy, skulls, bones, sealife and other natural science specimens have met our rigorous standards. See our "about us" section for more information or contact us with specific question. 
All skulls and bones vary slightly in size and shape. You will receive a high quality specimen of the selected item but not the exact one pictured. 

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