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Pronghorn Antelope Shoulder Mount

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Able to run up to 65 miles per hour and first documented by none other than Lewis and Clark, the pronghorn antelope is one of North America's most curious creatures. They get their name from the prominent pair of horns they display on the top of their head. The horns are branched with two points, made of bone, and covered with a keratinous casing which is shed and re-grown annually. While they may have a speed advantage to go with their flashy horns, they are not very good jumpers. If they encounter a fence they are more likely to crawl under it verse attempting to leap over it. No one can be good at everything after all.
This is a unique, one of a kind, Taxidermy specimen. . Once this item is sold, we do not anticipate acquiring another mount of this nature in the foreseeable future. All Paxton Gate Taxidermy is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and sourced from ethical vendors from around the world.
Each piece of taxidermy varies in size and weight, and as such the shipping price provided at checkout is only an estimate. Should the price be higher than this estimate, we will contact you after the purchase to arrange shipping. If there is an increase in shipping rate at that time, the buyer may cancel the sale and incur no charge.

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