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Glass Eye - Dolphin

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Dolphins have excellent vision both above and below the water. They are able to see in both environments because dolphins can control the way light enters their eye via a specialized, horizontal, crescent-shaped pupil. Since their eyes are on the sides of their head, dolphins have both monoscopic and stereoscopic vision. Seeing monoscopically means a dolphin is able to independently process two different images at the same time. Dolphins are also able to see stereoscopically, focusing both eyes downward toward their stomach (most in focus about 3-5 feet away). Dolphins see 173 degrees to each side from the tip of their rostrum to the tip of their tail. They have three known blind spots - directly above them, directly in front of them, and directly behind them. Our glass dolphin eyes are just as cool as real dolphin eyes.

These quality glass eyes are made by hand and include baked-on enamel and airbrushing to create a realistic glass eye that is perfect for use in taxidermy, carousel horses, mannequins, and more.

All of our eyes are sold individually.

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