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Framed Phymateus Saxosus in Shadowbox Frame

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Size: 7x7
The Rainbow Milkweed Locust, (Phymateus saxosus) is a toxic species of Madagascar grasshoppers. Its toxicity comes from eating milkweed which is, you guessed it, highly toxic. When they arn't stuffing their faces with poisonous plants, they perfer to be left alone. When disturbed, they may raise and rustle wings to secrete a noxious fluid from the thoracic joint. What they lack in interpersonal skills they make up for with a stunning display of color.
All insects and Butterflies vary slightly in size and shape. You will receive a high quality specimen of the selected item but not the exact one pictured.  All insect parts are guaranteed to be top quality; sourced from ethical vendors around the world.

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