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Double Glass Framed Mantis Shrimp

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Size: 4x6
This could be the deadliest shrimp that has ever existed. They use clubs that are more like elbows than fists to punch their prey -- with the force of a bullet shot from a 22 caliber gun. If humans could move their arms a tenth of that speed, we would be able to throw a baseball into orbit. Not only can the Mantis Shrimp punch any fish into tomorrow, they also have 16 color receptive cones. That's 13 more cones than the human eye. We're pretty sure at this point that this shrimp is some sort of aquatic super hero.
Ethical sourcing is our number one priority. All of our taxidermy, skulls, bones, sealife and other natural science specimens have met our rigorous standards. See our "about us" section for more information or contact us with specific question. 
All sea life specimens vary slightly in size and shape. You will receive a high quality specimen of the selected item but not the exact one pictured. 

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