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Colossal Octopus under-glass decoupage catch-all tray

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Size: 5x8"
Pen and wash drawing of a colossal octopus by malacologist Pierre Dénys de Montfort, 1801. Pierre is primarily known today for his pioneering inquiries into the existence of the gigantic octopus Architeuthis, which was thought to be an old wives' tale, and for which he was long dismissed. He was inspired by a description from 1783 of an eight-meter-long tentacle found in the mouth of a sperm whale. We think that Montfort's rendering is a magnificent depiction of the roiling seas and the many unknown perils faced by sailors.
Decoupage under glass is a variation of the of the Potichomania process ("potiche" meaning oriental vase and "manie" referring to mania). This art form was practiced in mid-19th century England and refers to the craze of decorating clear glass vases with cutout prints. This process of coating the inside of glass vessels with engravings or paintings gives them the appearance of painted ware.
The clear glass tray measures approximately 5 x 8 inches. The relative thinness of the tray - just over 1/8" thick - belies the complexity of the potichomania process. Each of our trays is comprised of a glass tray, three layers of 28# paper, four coatings of varnish, and finished with two coats, each of paint and clear acrylic spray. We've added a high-quality felt pad on the bottom in order to protect your home surfaces.
Care: Decoupage under glass should be gently cleaned by hand using a mild detergent and soft cloth. For decorative purposes only

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