Treasure Box Subscription

Have you ever wanted Paxton Gate to help you curate your cabinet of curiosities? Maybe you have been wondering what our favorite items are and why we love them so much? Perhaps you want to start or build upon your current collection but don’t have the time to find all of the coolest items we carry? You’re in luck! Our brand new Treasure Box Subscription will answer all of these burning questions and more! 
Each month we are putting together a unique collection of our favorite items and giving them to you for a 15% - 20% discount. The items could range from fossils that are millions of years old to handmade soaps for local venders. This month's box is pictured above but the following months will be a surprise! Included this month are….
  • Partial Megalodon Tooth, 1-2"
  • Water Buffalo Horn, Polished
  • Single Butterfly Riker Mount
  • Vintage Mushroom Matches
  • Zeolite Crystal, 2.5-3.5
  • Five Hematite Magnets

Signing up is super, shipping is free and you may cancel at any time with no strings attached. To sign up: Click Here