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Lady Butterfly Mink Doll by Monique Montil

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From the artist Monique Motil
"My motivation for doll making is simple:
I create dolls because I don't have enough room in my closets for full-scale costumes.
Each animal skull inspires a separate character and period of fashion. I view every creature as a collage since I use pieces of my lifelong collections of strange pods and sparkly bits, fabric scraps, body parts, beads and bones to construct the sculptures. I am very inspired by the colors and texture of the natural world. I respectfully build each piece with the spirit of the animals involved.
I find the small detail work both relaxing and satisfying.
I began creating dolls as a very small child, with some of my earliest works consisting of golf balls, spools of thread and nylon stockings. An ever evolving sculptor, my portfolio includes metal work, monster creation, costume design, detritus and found object compilation, collage, film, puppetry and zombie reanimation."

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