Brass Death Grip Ring

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The Death Grip is a statement piece not for the light hearted. This bat skull is solid brass and the teeth may bite, so beware! The bands of the ring are sculpted to emulate bat arm bones. 

The length of the skull from front to back is 1 1/8", width is approximately 3/4" by about 3/8" tall. The ring is split for size variance. The index finger shown can wear a ring size between 7.5 - 8.5. The variance is due to the band being made out of the bones, causing the inside of the ring to not be a perfect circle, which is shaped more naturally to that of a finger.

The fruit bat skull and arm bones were originally hand molded and cast by hand for the Sterling Silver Bat Skeleton Necklace. It is molded and cast with such care that the details of the tiny center teeth are still present! The top of the skull is carved in with simple, tribal inspired designs and our logo.