Crystal Growing Giant Sequoia

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Did you know the tallest tree in the world, measuring over 380 feet, is a Giant Sequoia named Hyperion?

Simply place the assembled, Giant Sequoia shaped paper structure into the tray filled with the special terraforming solution.

Within a matter of hours, beautiful green crystals begin to sprout from the branches!

Celebrate one of the natural wonders of the world with the magic of science and the Crystal Growing Giant Sequoia kit.

Crystal Growing: Giant Sequoia
Chemistry kit for growing a Giant Sequoia shaped crystal structure
Encourages logic, creativity, an interest in chemistry
Enhance your world with the wonders of science!
Paper structure soaks up terraforming solution – Vibrant crystals grow out of the branches
Includes paper tree form, tray, terraforming solution
Detailed instructions included – Features interesting facts about Giant Sequoias
Quality materials for exceptional crystal-growing experience