Beetle Pinning Kit

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Inside, you’ll get:

- One dried beetle specimen
-Spreading board
- Pins
- Vellum Strips
- Forceps
- Glue
- An original Paxton Gate instructional sheet


Putting all of yourself into what is in front of you is an important exercise and frees the mind of worry. The more detailed the task, the more we are able to let go. That’s why our entomology workshops have long been a zen staple here at Paxton Gate. Last month, we revealed our Butterfly/Moth Pinning Kit and now we’re back at it with our brand new Beetle Pinning Kit! With over 300,000 types of beetles existing on the earth as far as 230 million years ago, they make for an extremely fascinating specimen pin. Unlike most insects, beetles chew up their food with special mandibulate mouthparts. In fact, the word ‟beetle” is thought to come from bitela, which is Old English for little biter. Even the great Cleopatra was connected to these chomping critters as her name is derived from koleos and pteron (two Greek words meaning sheath and wing). We like to think she was as stoked about them as we are. With this kit, you’ll be able to explore all of these characteristics of one of our favorite arthropods.

You’ll also receive an instruction video explaining the process step-by-step by our in-house entomologist. This is a beginner’s course and is accessible to anyone who wants to learn. There’s never been a better time to try your hand at insect pinning and it’s never been easier to get started.