Sydney Hale Woodsmoke and Amber

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Sydney Candle Company is a family business based in Cortland, Ohio. We are dedicated to creating premium, hand-crafted, pure soy candles. At Sydney Candle, we take great pride and care in the making of our products, and each candle is hand-poured to ensure a unique and individual look. Pure soy candles burn at a lower temperature than traditional paraffin wax allowing for a longer burn time. And when it comes to fragrance, Sydney Candles are unmatched! Why? Because we only use high quality fragrances that have been tested to blend well with our wax. We also infuse each candle with the maximum allowable fragrance oil resulting in the superior aroma of our product. Our wicks are constructed of 100% cotton, keeping them free of lead, zinc or any other type of alloy metal.For quality craftsmanship and superior performance, make Sydney Candles your candles of choice.