Tarot of Bones

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Divination with cast or fire-cracked bones is an ancient art, stretching back thousands of years into our history; its younger cousin, the tarot, enjoys greater popularity than ever. The Tarot of Bones is an ambitious project combining the nature-inspired symbolism of animal bones with the tarot's well-loved archetypes to create an unparalleled divination set for the 21st century. As animals exist within vibrant and complex ecosystems, the bones are ensconced in permanent assemblage artworks using natural and reclaimed materials reflecting both the animal's habitat and emblems of their respective cards. The deck is based on a series of 79 permanent assemblage pieces created from bones and other natural materials made by author and artist Lupa. All of the traditional Major and Minor Arcana are included. A large part of the symbolism stems from Lupa's observations of nature, ecology, and the natural history of the animals whose bones are central to the card assemblages. Cards are 2.75? x 4.75? full bleed, full color 300 gsm playing card stock. Tuck box included.