Eerie California

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Eerie California tells the story of the Golden State's strange and spooky sites. Describes over 100 locations in Northern, Central, and Southern California including these bizarre attractions:

* Haunted houses, hotels, highways, and parks
* Lairs of "Bigfoot" and other elusive creatures
* Ancient, unexplained ruins and earthworks
* Legendary lost civilizations and underground cities
* Ghosts, phantoms, and apparitions
* Accursed and "jinxed" places
* "Phantom panthers" and other sinister animals
* Weird cult centers
* Earthquake lights, moving rocks, and more strange geology
* Lake and sea serpents
* Prehistoric rock and cave art
* And much more!

Now regarded as a classic "Weird America" survey, Eerie California includes over 100 photographs of actual sites and phenomena. Get ready to discover a side of the Golden State you never knew existed